Andreas Hofschneider Quartett

Founded in 2009, the Andreas Hofschneider Quartet from Berlin plays in the tradition of the famous Benny Goodman Quartet of the 1930s. The repertoire contains songs that resemble classical sound recordings from the USA during the swing era. The color of the sound plays an essential role in the AHQ: The instruments are mostly from the 1930s and the musicians have long standing experiences in authentic stylistics. It is thus obvious that the Quartet is also in demand on the international swing dance scene.

The renowned newspaper from Berlin DER TAGESSPIEGEL gave Hofschneider the title "The Benny Goodman from Berlin" in 2013. The AHQ guarantees a high level of enjoyment.

DJs Glencheck & Matt Swift

Serving Vinyl & Shellack records, DJs Glencheck & Matt Swift providing you authentic Balboa Dance music at its best.

With a hot ride through period genres, a thrilling compilation of energized, rhythym pounding Big Band Swing, Westernswing, Hot Jazz & New Orleans music will guarantee finest dancing pleasure throughout the night.